Vietnam Travel Tips

Why travel to Vietnam

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Most people still think of Vietnam as a battle field, in fact, HOWEVER, that old history has all gone for long, giving place to a brand new era when peace and safety reside! These days, instead, you may often hear CNN, BBC, or many other prestigious channels talking about something like "Vietnam - a safe destination of the new millennium", or "Vietnam - the Hidden Charm" , etc. Yes, it's now opening to the world as a friendly and exotic place on earth!

You're curious? Oh, so why don't you think of coming? Here are some of the reasons why you should visit "her" - the charming-like-a-girl Vietnam:

1. "She" is a new place. It's not touristy like in Thailand and many places you go, people got stunned by your appearance.

2. "She" is safe and friendly. The majority of people in Vietnam are farmers, pure farmers. Many of them have never learnt of much apart from the village they were born in. Naturally, they're almost all friendly and safe to be around. Moreover, the communist government does a good job in ensuring securities all over the country. Nothing of a crime has happened to tourists for the last decades.


Top ten Travel Tips

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Top 10 Travel Tips


  1. Check the latest travel advice for your destination and subscribe to receive free e-mail notification each time the travel advice for your destination is updated.
  2. Take out appropriate travel insurance to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation and any activities, including adventure sports, in which you plan to participate.
  3. Before traveling (particularly traveling overseas), register your travel and contact details online or at the local Vietnamese Embassy, high commission or consulate once you arrive, so we can contact you when in need.

General DOs & DON'Ts for Vietnam

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Vietnam is a friendly and safe place to travel with the hidden charm. But each country have special different, Vietnam too. Different about culture, history and style life… With a sprinkling of common sense, your trip should be smooth and trouble free. Do not be overly paranoid though. Generally, Vietnamese people are very appreciative if they see you trying to abide by the customs, and very forgiving if you get it wrong or forget. If you make the effort, you will be rewarded. With a cool head and sensible planning, one can avoid these problems.

The below advice meant to help you have a perfect trip to Vietnam:


Connectivity in Vietnam

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I. Telephone and Faxes network in Vietnam 

Vietnam communication network

Fixed telephone and fax

  • Provided by Vietnam Post and Telecommunication (VNPT) and Viettel;
  • Phone number code: Seven digits (for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City only) and six digits (for other cities). Each city has its own code (city code), such as: 4 (Hanoi), 8 (Ho Chi Minh City), 54 (Hue) etc…

Mobile phones

  • Provided by VNPT, Viettel and some other state-owned companies, including:
    GSM: Vinaphone (code: 91), Mobiphone (code: 90), Viettel (code: 98);
    CDMA: S-phone (code: 95) and EVN-Telecom (code: 96)
  • Using GSM 900/1800 with standard SIM card which is compatible with most of Asia, Europe and Australia, but not with North America;
  • Phone number code: Network code + seven digits (e.g: 098.9992988)