3 tips for Spanish women on solo travel to Vietnam

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 00:00

Vietnam is a beautiful country where there are many things for tourists to explore. For women who are planning to have a solo trip in Vietnam, there are some things that you should know, followed by tips for women wanting travel alone as below.

1. Clothing for women on solo travel to Vietnam

Knowing how to dress is an important thing to travel to a place however foreigners can wear clothes you want when you are in Vietnam. But, if you visit ethnic group villages, holy places or national monuments, you should dress politely and avoid wearing low cut tops, shorts, and skirts. Additionally, before to travel to Vietnam, it is necessary to check the weather forecast first so that you can pack clothes reasonably. Apart from clothes, you shouldn’t wear too much jewelry when you are in Vietnam or even in other countries strange from your place.

2. Transportation tip for women on solo travel to Vietnam

There are many ways to travel from place to place in Vietnam, of which motorcycle is the most popular vehicle in this country. If you want to move in a city, you can take Uber or Grap to have a cheaper price than taking a taxi. The bus is also an ideal public transportation if you want to sightsee around a city and it cost only 5,000VND to 7,000VND per person. However, you should wear your bags in front of you when you travel in Vietnam, especially when taking public transportation which can help protect yourself as well as your belongings. One more thing that you should know when traveling in Vietnam is that you should be careful when crossing the streets as it is quite dangerous when going across the streets in Vietnam. The best tip for you is that you should cross the streets with the locals or raise your hand when crossing.

3. Locals in Vietnam

Most of Vietnamese are quite friendly and ready to help tourists so just be kind and polite and you can ask them for help such as asking for directions, restaurants, and hotels. People in Vietnam are easy to make friends with; however, it doesn’t mean you can trust everybody. Always be careful and do not ask anyone to keep your valuables for you. If there is something happening to you, please make a call to the police number 113 in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa requirement for Spanish citizens

Spanish citizens can stay in Vietnam for 15 days without Vietnam visa therefore in case you want to be in Vietnam more than 15 days or visit the country on the dates falling within 30 days from the exit date of your latest stay with visa-free.

There are 3 options to get Vietnam visa for Spanish:

- Obtain visa at Vietnam embassy

It is necessary to go to Vietnam Embassy in Spain to apply for Vietnam visa if you choose this way. But please be noted to contact Vietnam Embassy first to know what you must submit before applying for the visa

Embassy of Vietnam in Madrid, Spain

- Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

In case of visiting Vietnam by air, Spanish citizens can apply for Vietnam visa on Arrival which can easily be applied online and the steps are also simple, followed by apply online, make payment for service fee online to get visa approval letter first and then get visa stamped at Vietnam airports.

You can see its full process here: How to get Vietnam visa on arrival.

- Applying for Vietnam e-visa

This is available if you just stay in Vietnam for 30 days with single entry. You can apply for it at https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/trang-chu-ttdt. And then if visa application form is accepted, you will get your Vietnam e-visa via email after 3 working days.

In case you wish to see Vietnam visa guide for Spanish in Spanish language, you can refer to: Vietnam visaod para los ciudadanos de España.

Vietnam is a relatively safe country for women to take a solo trip as the rate of crime is quite low. Do hope you will have a wonderful solo travel in this peaceful Vietnam.