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Must-do before trip to Vietnam for Israeli Passport Holders

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Whether you are in business or leisure trip to Vietnam, whether you have your accommodation in Vietnam or not, as an Israeli citizen, there is one thing you must do before your every trip to the country, which is to APPLY FOR VIETNAM VISA.

At the moment, luckily more than other nationals, Israeli passport holders may obtain a Vietnam visa in 2 ways:

1. Obtain Vietnam visa at local Vietnam embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, OR

2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

While the first option supports all Israel citizens, the second one works for those who travel to Vietnam by air only.

While in the first option, Israeli citizens will get their full visa before their departure for Vietnam, in the second one, traveler will get a visa approval letter beforehand and then get full visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

While in the first option, application for Vietnam visa is completed on offline basis, the second one allows travelers to complete their application on online basis.

For more information about these two ways of visa application, including how they work to decide which best fits your need, please refer to the link: http://vietnamvisa.co.il/.


Where in Vietnam to visit without Vietnam Visa

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A valid visa is required for almost foreign travelers to Vietnam except citizens of countries having unilateral or bilateral visa exemption with the Vietnamese citizens. For the list of such citizens, one can visit: http://www.vietnam-visa.com/vietnam-visa-exemption/.

However, there is a place in Vietnam which requires all travelers no VISA to visit if they travel directly from a country beyond Vietnam. It is Phu Quoc Island in Mekong Delta which is called a paradise island with white-sand beaches and large tracts still cloaked in dense, tropical jungle.

In accordance with immigration regulations of the Vietnamese government, all foreign travelers may enjoy a stay of up to 30 days in Phu Quoc without Vietnam visa if:

  1. Their passport is valid for at least 6 months since their date of entry;
  2. They flight in from an international country and land at Phu Quoc International Airport. If they are transiting from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, then they must board their flight to Phu Quoc from the international terminal. OR they arrive by cruise ship form an international country and dock on Phu Quoc Island; and
  3. They have a ticket for leaving the island for an international destination within 30 days.

These are conditions to get visa exemption for Phu Quoc island. In case travelers wish to visit a destination in Vietnam before and/after Phu Quoc, they may need arrange a Vietnam visa beforehand. A complete guide to obtain a visa to Vietnam can be found here: http://vietnam-visa.com/.


Get Vietnam Visa Stamped upon Arrival Faster with Vietnam-visa.com

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What is Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service?

Vietnam Visa Fast Track is an exclusive service for users of Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA). It is to help them to get visa stamped at Vietnam airport quickly. With this option, you – as a VOA user, will be met our staff at Vietnam airport and assisted to get visa stamped without waiting in lines as other travelers. It takes just 5-10 minutes while you wait to pick-up your luggage.

Why using Fast Track Service

Using this service will save you a lot of time otherwise wasted for getting visa stamped in line in front of the Immigration Counter by your own. It is very convenient if you are in hurry for further travel.

Here are major advantages of using fast-track service offered by Vietnam-visa.com:

  • Convenient and faster way to secure your visa.
  • No waiting in a long line. You will get your visa stamp without waiting in line.
  • Be assisted and escorted through “fast track” immigration.
  • No time to find your way to complete the visa procedure at airport in Vietnam. You will be greeted by a local staff that will guide you to the immigration counter and do the rest on your behalf.

Who should use Vietnam-visa Fast Track Service?

1. Business travelers

An important upcoming meeting will take place in few hours upon arrival, or the next morning. At landing Visa counter, there are more than 100 people in line. Use Fast track service in order not to miss the meeting!

2. Elderly, Pregnant Women and Infants

It takes just 5 minutes to get the Visa. No need to do anything else. Our staff will do it all for you. Keep your health! Let us assist you.

3. Transit but closing time too tight?

It is very soon for the next flight! Afraid of the check-in time for the next flight? Do not worry! Fast track service will help you make everything workout…

4. Anyone who doesn't want to waste time at the airport

No waiting in line, just let our staff do all procedure for you to get the documents at the airport’s Visa landing Counter.

How Fast track service runs?

Apply Service

Select this service when applying for Vietnam visa online at Vietnam-visa.com or send request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Make The Payment

Make payment of service fee online.

Fly to Vietnam

Fly to Vietnam! Our staff will meet you at the aircraft gate with your name on the welcome board and assist you to get visa stamp and visa sticker without you getting in the line as other passengers.

Price and which airport available for Fast track Service?

Fast track Service is available in 3 international airport in Vietnam, including: Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh or Saigon City), Da Nang airport (Da Nang City) and Noi Bai Airport (Ha Noi City).

Following is cost of Fast-track service offered by Vietnam-visa.com:


Unit: USD/Pax

Number of Pax













In addition to Fast-track service, Vietnam-visa.com also offers a wide range of other travel services including airport pick-up and Vietnam tour arrangement to cater every little thing of your trip to Vietnam.


3 Reasons to choose Business Vietnam Visa online with Vietnamvisa.org.in

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Vietnamvisa.org.in is a local website of Vietnam-visa.com which has been operated for over 10 years in Vietnam Visa online service. With the utmost guideline of serving the Indian travelers at best, they have recently made our Business Visa online service public, making it much more convenient for Indians traveling to Vietnam for business purpose getting a business visa easily.

Following are 3 reasons why you should choose Vietnam Business visa online with Vietnamvisa.org.in.

 Reason 1: Simplicity

If in the last year, applying for business visa online for Vietnam requires travelers to provide invitation letter of a company based in Vietnam, applying online for business visa to Vietnam with Vietnamvisa.org.in now requires no submission of any document at all.

Travelers only nee to fill out the online form at https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html in which they need to choose the “business” option as purpose of visit.

After 7 working days (for normal processing) or 2-3 working days (urgent processing), they will get their visa approval letter to get on flight and get visa stamped onto their passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

Reason 2: Assurance

Operating in this area for over 10 years, they have successfully established their good reputation for timely response and results. Every traveler is guaranteed to get their visa approval letter timely as notified by them.

Reason 3: Value added service

Using business visa service with Vietnamvisa.org.in, travelers will be provided with Fast-track service for FREE. With this service, travelers will be welcomed at the airport by representative of Vietnam-visa.com who will then complete the visa procedure on their behalf.

So, with Vietnamvisa.org.in, your application for business visa online will go smooth right from the start for sure.


How to Apply for Vietnam Visa

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Despite being subject to a very long duration of wars, Vietnam has strongly developed and overcome vestiges of war to become a peaceful country and a favorite destination among travelers around the world. Visiting the country, one will easily see stunning landscapes gifted by the nature, magnificent beaches and wonderful waterfalls, as well as meet friendly locals, have chance to enjoy super-delicious dishes across the country. But they are not all that form attractiveness of Vietnam. One more thing that should be mentioned in list of reason why Vietnam is attractive is easy and simple process of Vietnam visa application.

Thanks to open policy of the Vietnamese government to attract more and more tourists to the country, application for visa to Vietnam has been made much easier than ever. Travelers to Vietnam now may obtain a visa in either of the following options:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa at a local embassy (traditional option to get a visa for Vietnam); OR
  2. Apply for a visa on arrival (applying online for visa approval letter and getting visa upon arrival in Vietnam, issued by Vietnam Immigration Department) – a later born but convenient option to get visa for Vietnam).

Visas whether issued by the embassy or issued by the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Immigration Department have the same legal value. But travelers should keep in mind that they are different in a number of aspects as following:

1. Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy:

- Issuing unit: Vietnam Embassy

- Issue place: Vietnam Embassy

- Required documents: hard copy of application form, original passport, etc. as required by embassy

- Fee: Visa fee and others if any as required by the embassy

- Processing time: 4 or 5 working days

- Applicable applicants: All travelers to Vietnam

- How to submit application: In person or by post

- Procedure:

+ Contact the Vietnam embassy for detailed information;

+ Submit the application in person or by post;

+ Contact the Vietnam Embassy for processing information;

+ Receive original passport with full visa from the embassy in person or by post.

2. Vietnam Visa on arrival

- Issuing unit: Vietnam Immigration Department

- Issue place: Arrival airport in Vietnam

- Fee: Service fee and stamping fee published on website of travel agents providing Vietnam visa on arrival service

- Processing time: 1 or 2 working days.

- Applicable applicants: Travelers to Vietnam by air

- How to submit application: online right at home or any place

- Procedure:

+ Access to a website providing Visa on Arrival service such as Vietnam-visa.com, submit online application form and receive visa approval letter via email;

+ Get visa stamped onto passport upon arrival at Vietnam airport



Which option is better for your trip? It's your choice!

For up-to-date information and immediate assistance relating to Vietnam visa, see http://www.vietnam-visa.com/.



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