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3 reasons to obtain Vietnam visa for UK travelers to Stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days

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 in case they wish to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, obtaining a valid visa before the trip is highly re

As reported by, from July 1, 2015, all UK citizens to Vietnam will need no visa if:

  1. Their passport is valid for at least 6 months from their arrival date;
  2. Their arrival date does not fall within 30 days from exit date of their last visit with visa exemption.

In case their arrival date falls within 30 days from exit date of their last visit with visa exemption, a visa is required. But in case they wish to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, obtaining a valid visa before the trip is highly recommended. They should not enter Vietnam with visa exemption and then extend their stay while they are in Vietnam for the 3 reasons as follows:

1. It costs more

If a 1-month single entry visa on arrival to Vietnam for UK passport holders just costs around US $45, extension of visa exemption for another 15 days may cost up to US $100 to US $200.

2. It takes long

In case you get Vietnam visa exemption extended, it may takes you up to 7 or 10 working days to complete. While, obtaining a visa for the whole trip will be much quicker.

3. It is difficult

The process to get Vietnam visa exemption extend is quite complicated. You will need to submit your original passport with the current visa for Vietnam and other documents to get your work done.

So, what should be better for Vietnam visa for UK staying in the country for more than 15 days: entering Vietnam with visa exemption and then get visa extended in Vietnam, or getting a visa for the whole trip.

How to obtain a Vietnam visa for Uk?

At the moment, all UK passport holders may have two ways to handle their Vietnam visa application as follows:

  1. Apply for visa at Vietnam embassy; OR
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

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2 valuable Lessons regarding Vietnam Visa from Kate

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Kate – a traveler blogger have had 2 valuable lessons regarding Vietnam visa after she was almost banned from entering Vietnam. Such lessons are:

  1. Check your Vietnam visa closely right after receiving it from the visa issuer. If there is even a tiny error on the visa, get it fixed before you arrive. If the slightest thing is off about it, from a misspelling to a date error, you might not be able to get in.
  2. Get your visa by yourself if you can.

And why did she have such lessons? Let’s listen to her story which happened in 2011.

“If you thought my border crossing from Laos to Cambodia was problematic, it had NOTHING on my crossing from Laos to Vietnam!

Vietnam is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that requires a visa in advance – you can’t get it at the border.  So I ordered it from a travel agency in Vang Vieng.  An agent traveled to the embassy in Vientiane and got my visa for $50.

When I got my passport back, I was met with a shock:

The visa start date was correct (January 16, 2011), but the end date was in 1900 (February 16, 1900)!

Obviously, this was a mistake on the part of the Vietnamese embassy in Vientiane.  So I figured that they would realize their error at the border and let me in.

The bus trip from Vang Vieng to Hanoi was to take approximately 30 hours.  While I heard plenty of warnings about this trip, I decided that I didn’t want to spend extra money on a flight, and at the very least it would be an experience.

The trip began with a 90-minute delay, which we spent sitting in the hot sun.  Three hours later, we were in Vientiane.

The ride was interesting.  Local men slept in the aisles.  Vietnamese music videos played nonstop.  I immediately regretted not bringing more food, having merely one roll of Oreos to last the 30+ hours, and curled up to sleep.

Twelve hours into the journey, we arrived at the border. After three months of warmth and sunshine, it was my first taste of chill – cold, gray, rainy weather.

We made our way into Lao immigration and presented our passports.

Then I was called forward.

“You will not be stamped,” the man said.  “This visa is not valid.  You must go back to Vientiane.”

I nearly fainted. “The Vietnam embassy made this error.  You understand, yes?  The start date is correct!  It was their error!”

“Go to the Vietnam side and talk to them.  But we cannot stamp you.”

I was nearly in tears.  As we drove through lovely Vientiane, I had regretted not spending any time in the Lao capital.  Had my wish become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

I ran the 500 meters to the Vietnamese arrival office.  It was so foggy that I couldn’t see beyond right in front of me, and rain was soaking through my brand-new Vang Vieng: In the Tubing hoodie.

Upon arrival, I explained the situation to the border guards.  And so began the most frustrating part of the ordeal: the guards would look at my passport, smile, and slowly, slowly, slowly walk between the offices, all without communicating with me.

It was torture.

I begged.  I pleaded.  I cried.  I would have slipped a nip if it would have helped my case.

I found a friend of mine from the bus – Alex, a 19-year-old guy from the UK .  “If I don’t make it through, could you please take my bag to Hanoi Backpackers?” I asked him.  “It’s the bright blue one.  I’ll be there as soon as I can.  Within a few days, surely.”

Alex, the wonderful guy that he was, readily agreed.

But it ultimately wasn’t necessary – eventually, one of the guards handed me a piece of paper:

“$25 if you pay for new visa. Or return to Vientiane.”

Thankful to have American money on me, I dug out $25 and handed it over.  Within thirty minutes, I had a fresh visa in my passport and was stamped into Vietnam.  I was so full of gratitude, I nearly kissed the guards.

As thankful as I was, there was still one problem – I had no exit stamp from Laos. And with my bus about to leave, I didn’t want to chance it.  I got on the bus and left without the exit visa.”

That’s her story. Have you ever encountered the same issue.

So now, remember to check your visa when it is issued in order to avoid any unexpected issue and extra cost.

From For those who travel to Vietnam by air, we highly recommended applying for Vietnam visa online for more convenience and simplicity.


2 ways to Obtain Vietnam Visa for Chinese

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A valid visa is required for all Chinese passport holders to Vietnam for any purpose. Like almost other nationals, Chinese can get a visa to Vietnam in 2 ways: either get it directly at Vietnam embassy or get it online through a local travel agent.

1. Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate

This is the classic way to obtain a Vietnam visa prior to departure to Vietnam. This entire process often takes travelers 5-7 working days to complete. The paperwork includes your original passport, 2 passport-sized photos, stamping fee ranging from USD 80 or even doubled for urgent cases.

2. Applying for visa on arrival through an online booking travel agent

Visa on arrival is no longer a strange term for those who often travel to foreign countries these days.  This is considered as the easiest and cheapest way to obtain visa to Vietnam. The only thing you must consider about this type of visa is about means of transport since visa on arrival works well for air travelers only.

Can all Chinese passport holders apply for visa on arrival?

The answer is “No”. Sounds strange? But this regulation is quite unique to Chinese passport holders who fly from China mainland. The reason comes from the fact that Chinese Immigration Officers at airports in China deny to realize visa approval letter as an official document to pass through the customs. Therefore, if you are Chinese passport holders who fly from China mainland to Vietnam, you must apply for visa at Vietnam Embassy prior to your departure.

Then how can Chinese passport holders apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

If Chinese citizens arrive from an international airport of a third country such as Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., which is not China mainland, they completely can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. In this case, what they need to do is fill in the online application form, make payment and get the letter of approval within 2 working days for normal processing and then get visa stamped upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

This post is provided by which is specially developed to facilitate Vietnam visa application for Chinese.


1-year for United States Citizens from August 30th, 2016 only

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As reported by which also go ahead in update of information related to Vietnam-visa, since August 30th 2016, there is only 1 type of visa available for US citizens to Vietnam, which is 1-year multiple entry visa. This is according to the successful commitment of the US Government and its counterpart of Vietnam to improve the bilateral relationship by expanding trade and economic opportunities and developing people-to-people links.

Accordingly, when this policy came into force, the other types of visa, consisting of 1-month single/multiple entry visa, 3-month single/multiple entry visa and 6-month multiple entry visa is no longer available for US travelers to Vietnam. All must apply for 1-year multiple entry visa regardless of their length of stay in Vietnam.

And going along with this policy, all US citizens using visa on arrival to Vietnam will need to pay US$135 as stamping fee at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped onto their passport. This is much higher for those who just wish to stay in Vietnam for a few days.

*Further important remarks:

- This applies to US Citizens only.

- Purpose of visit: Tourism or Business

- US passports holders can stay maximum for 3 months. Then, they must exit Vietnam and come bank again with a new 3 months of staying, until the expiry date of your 1 year Visa.

- US Citizens can stay up to 3 months for each visit to Vietnam. After each three months, if they would like to stay more, they are required exit and come back again by air or by land until their visa expires.

- Stamping fee for Vietnam visa on arrival for US Citizens is US$ 135.00.


9 types of Vietnam Visa Available for Spanish Online

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As in the agreement signed by the Vietnam Government, All Spanish passport holders do not need a valid visa for their stay in Vietnam for up to 15 days until June 30, 2017 if:

  1. Their passport is valid for at least 6 months since their arrival date;
  2. Their arrival date does not fall within 30 days from exit date of their last stay in Vietnam with visa exemption.

Otherwise, they will need a valid visa. And in this case, they may have two ways to obtain the visa as follows:

  1. Apply via a local Vietnam Embassy/Consulate; OR
  2. Apply Online for Vietnam Visa On arrival;

How many types of Vietnam visa online can Spanish apply for?

Depending on purpose of visit, length of stay in Vietnam and number of entries into Vietnam, there are 9 types of Vietnam visa online for Spanish as follows:

  1. Tourists visa:
    1. 1 month single entry visa
    2. 1 month multiple entry visa
    3. 3 months single entry visa
    4. 3 months multiple entry visa
  2. Business visa:
    1. 1 month single entry visa
    2. 3 months single entry visa
    3. 3 months multiple entry visa
    4. 6 months multiple entry visa
    5. 1 year multiple entry visa.

For more information about Vietnam visa in general and Vietnam visa online in particular for Spanish citizens, one can access to

Or if you wish to see it in Spanish, please refer to

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