10 things US citizens might like to know before departing for Vietnam

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Have you ever traveled to Vietnam? Why do you miss this wonderful S-shape country as it will be so… so regretful!

For people who travel to Vietnam for the first time, the following experience will help for a safe and enjoyable trip.

1. Prepare to travel – don’t forget to check Vietnam visa for US citizens

The first thing for US citizens to prepare before their trip to Vietnam is visa, and Vietnam visa on arrival should be suggested thanks to its convenience and budget as well. Why should they choose this kind of Vietnam visa? Here are some reasons:

It has legal validity as visa at the embassy (The Vietnamese Immigration Department issue the approval letter)

This is the most popular online method

Getting Vietnam visa for US citizens is never easy and fast like that as applicants can get entry license within only 1 minute to enter information.

The price is more reasonable than the visa embassy and they does not have to pay any extra fee.

You can do this anytime anywhere with just one Internet-connected device

Click here Vietnam visa for US citizens and surely you will find all related information.

Besides applying for visa, it’s better to find the information about Vietnam first as when you want to travel somewhere, searching for information is really necessary. Next, number of the airline representative office you are purchasing the ticket, numbers of some authority organizations in Vietnam such as Police, Hospital, etc. should also be saved in advance.

2. Track the weather forecast

Getting to know the weather, some information on security, etc. in the countries you visit will also be an important factor for you to prepare.

3. Prepare your luggage

Arrange your clothing in a suitcase to avoid carrying bulky items when traveling overseas. Remember to curl your clothing to save space. Shower gel, shampoo should be sealed with food wrap paper and close the lid to avoid getting out. Remember to bring a pair of sneakers, umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreen, moisturizers, etc. if you visit Vietnam in the summer as it might be extremely hot.

4. Prepare maps or GPS

Please don’t forget to prepare the map when you come to Vietnam especially when you go alone. Now thanks to the Internet, travellers can use Google map or GPS globally but if you are going to explore remote, mountainous areas, a map will be a great companion.

5. Camera and other digital items

Make sure to bring your phone charger, camera, multi-purpose plug, etc. to catch numerous beautiful images along the journey. In case of wanting to connect with friends/ family back in your country,

6. Take some common drugs

Some common drugs such as cold medicine, antemetics, etc. are essential in your luggage because if you are sick, it's not easy to buy without a doctor's prescription when you're overseas.

7. Dry food

You may not be able to eat some local food, therefore, to avoid hunger, prepare dry foods such as shrimp, shrimp noodles, etc.

8. Air ticket, passport

Airfare and passport should be put in a wallet in a bag in along with 2 copies to avoid being lost.

9. At the airport

Notice the large electronic signboards hanging on the wall, which will have information about the flight name, airline name, departure time just in case of changing boarding gate, delay or some other unexpected situations.

10. Notice your luggage

You should not talk to anyone and absolutely not accept someone else's baggage as it may contain banned substances sometimes and when you are discovered, you will be responsible.

Beside your baggage, you also have to notice on your money. We advise you some ways to keep your money save.

Divide your money into small sums and hide it in several places. This makes sure even though someone stealing your money you won’t lost all of it.

Buy insurance for your property. Sound strange but it helps you to avoid losing money in foreign.

Use a pouch to contain the money. If you think you little wallet is too small and easy to be stolen then you should try a pouch.

Hope that some above tips will help you to be ready for incoming Vietnam trip. Welcome to Vietnam, the country of peace, country of smiley faces on hospitable locals and the country of nature masterpiece!