Things to do in Hue City

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Things to do in Hue City
Hue – an ancient citadel of Vietnam
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Things to do in Hue
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Hue – an ancient citadel of Vietnam
“Poetic Hue, dreamy and romantic Hue, Hue - city of two World Heritages…” are the ever names people call Hue city - the latest imperial capital of Vietnam under Nguyen dynasty (from the 17th to 19th century). Hue is located in central Vietnam on the banks of Perfume River (Sông Hương), just a few miles inland from the East Sea. It is about 700 kilometers (438 miles) south of the national capital of Hanoi and about 1100 kilometers (690 miles) north of Hochiminh City. Hue people take their pride in a long-lasting history. The city has gone through 7 centuries of establishment and development.In 1802, Hue became Vietnam’s capital when Emperor Gia Long, the first King of the Nguyen emperors (Nguyen dynasty), chose the location for the imperial city. The city remained the nation’s capital until 1945, when Bao Dai, the last of the Nguyen emperors, abdicated and a communist government was established in Hanoi. In the Vietnam War, Huế's central position placed it very near the border between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Thanks to the long precious history, Hue has integrated material and spiritual values, which become its own unique special Culture.
Complex of the Temple for the Worship of the Nguyen Emperors (Thé Mieu)
Complex of the mausoleum of King Minh Mang
Complex of the Temple for the Worship of the Nine Nguyen Lords (Thai Mieu)
Complex of the tomb of the King Tu Duc
Complex of the Celestial Lady (Thien Mu)
Complex of the Palace of Audiences (Dien Can Chanh)
Chronological table of the monuments of Hué