Shopping in Vietnam - 10 tips to savvy shopping in VN

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Shopping in Vietnam
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10 tips to savvy shopping in VN
Newspapers, Magazines, CD-ROMs
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IV. Newspapers, Magazines, CD-ROMs

Newspapers and magazines are mainly written in Vietnamese. However, there are some newspapers and magazines available in English and French, including:
The Vietnam Investment Review
Vietnam News
Saigon Times
Investment News
Vietnam Economic News
Vietnam Economic News
Vietnam Today
Vietnam Pictorial
Le Courier du Vietnam
Street vendors and big hotels also sell foreign newspapers and magazines, including:
The Bangkok Post
New Nation
Business News
News-week and Times
Asian Weekly, etc.

CD-ROMs: Once in Vietnam, visitors can make the acquisition of different CD-ROMs created by the Tourism Information Technology Centre. They present different aspects of Vietnam, of the culture, or they focus on one special region. Useful for the traveler, these CD-ROMs are also nice souvenirs to bring back home or to other.